Stage 1 Kit (Beginner)       

$79.99 plus tax and shipping.
Kit includes:
- 8oz. Arma-Coat (colour of your choice)
- 8oz. Arma-Coat Reducer
- 8oz. Arma-Coat Cleaner/Degreaser
- 1oz. Arma-Coat Hardener
- PREVAL spayer unit with bottle
- Complete instructions

Stage 1 Kits are a great and easy way to refinish and protect your rifle from rust and corrosion at a low cost. These kits can be applied with the same operation as a spray can, and they are complete with all the Arma-Coat products needed for your finishing project. 

These kits have enough propellant to complete 2 rifles and enough Arma-Coat to complete 2 long guns or 4 pistols with ease.

              Stage 2 Kit (Intermediate)           

$299.99 plus tax and shipping.
Kit includes:
- 4 x 8oz. Arma-Coat (colours of your choice)
- 32oz. Manganese Phosphate Parkerizing Solution
- 32oz. Arma-Coat Cleaner

- 32oz. Arma-Coat Reducer
- 4 x 1oz. Arma-Coat Hardener
- Complete instructions

Stage 2 Kits are designed for the more advanced refinisher as it provides you with more products needed to complete 8 long guns and 32 pistols with ease. The Arma-Coat colours can be all the same colour or different ones, as per your preferences and needs.

Stage 3 Kit (Expert)
Coming soon



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