Arma-Clear was designed to be applied over standard Arma-Coat colors, bluing, stainless, or any other surface that needs superior protection.  Arma-Clear will protect the firearm from rusting and pitting, accumulation of oxidization, and dirt and grime on stainless firearms.

Arma-Clear can also be used to even out sheen differences on camouflage patterns and give the finish an extra layer of protection against the elements of the outdoors.  This coating is very versatile in that it can be applied over existing finishes, and/or coatings.  In standards of hardness, strength, and flexibility, Arma-Clear is equal to the Arma-Coat standard colors.



This Remington 700 is an excellent example on how you can use Arma-Clear to even out sheen differences on camouflage finishes.  Arma-Clear also gives the camouflage coating an extra thin layer of protection against the elements.  Using this clear finish, you can protect existing firearms finishes such as bluing and stainless against rust and oxidization,or whatever else the outdoors throws at you.



Model 8oz Bottle 16oz Bottle 32oz Bottle 1 Gallon
All Arma-Coat Products come complete with instructions and hardener.
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