Arma-Fill is highly advanced polyurethane filler designed to fill and/or hide profile and surface imperfections on metal, synthetics, plastics, wood, and on virtually any other surface.

Arma-Fill has excellent resistance against salt spray, humidity, and chemical resistance on metal surfaces when top coated with Arma-Coat enamel.  It also promotes adhesion of Arma-Coat to the substrate.

Arma-Fill has a fast drying time and can be easily applied by any quality airbrush, HVLP and automotive spray guns.  This is an example of Arma-Fill that has been used on a Remington 700 wood stock, then top coated with Woodland Tan.  As a result, the wood stock now has a wonderful texture finish that makes it impervious to swelling and abrasion.

Arma-Fill can also hide all surface imperfections that some wood stocks may have.  
Arma-Coat finishes transformed this once beat up hunting rifle into a custom looking master piece.




Model 8oz Bottle 16oz Bottle 32oz Bottle 1 Gallon
All Arma-Coat Products come complete with instructions and hardener.
Please call or email to order.

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