Arma-Coat is a user friendly product for both professional and do-it-yourself gunsmiths, which can be easily applied in your own finishing facility. 

Arma-Coat is a commercially manufactured and packaged firearm finishing system which offers excellent versatility, durability, and user friendly characteristics that surpass all other firearm finishes in the industry.

Arma-Coat is the most versatile coating that can be used on a broad range of firearms, optics, parts, and accessories.  In addition to being hard and flexible, Arma-Coat resists scratching, chemicals and corrosion. Whether it is applied over metal, alloys, stainless steel, synthetics, plastic or wood, Arma-Coat provides the firearm with a long lasting superior finish. 

Arma-Coat cures by a chemical reaction of two separate components, allowing the coating to cure at ambient temperatures, without the high heat requirements of other bake-on finishes.  It can also be applied in a multitude of textures with dry film thickness ranging from 0.25mls to 1.5mls.

Arma-Coat is available in a wide range of sheens from high gloss to matte.  This coating can also be applied as a textured finish to enhance grip or for that distinctive look which can be adjusted to meet your specific firearms finishing standards.

Arma-Coat comes in a variety of earth tone colors that will satisfy any hunting, military, police, and personal demands.
This coating can be applied by any HVLP and automotive spray guns, and/or airbrush.